Property Companies

Palmer Capital is a minority shareholder in ten regional property companies. In addition to this, Palmer Capital is a shareholder in a Pan UK specialist, Wrenbridge Sport, a UK sport and stadia developer and consultant and Packaged Living, a bespoke, Build to Rent developer and operator. 

This model provides these companies with start-up capital, management expertise and an active non-executive role, in return for a one-third shareholding. Palmer Capital then provides an on-going range of services including property, financial and legal expertise, as well as assistance with structuring transactions, sourcing finance and advising with negotiations and management matters.

Palmer Capital Property Companies

The provision of strong non-executive management also aids the filtering and reduces the risk associated with investment and development projects.

The operating companies benefit from access to guidance and a general depth and breadth of resource not usually available to a small business.

This unique, vertically integrated business model gives Palmer Capital access to deals and knowledge at a local level that other managers find difficult to match.

Other Partners

Palmer Capital is a shareholder in two Pan UK specialists, Packaged Living, a UK BTR developer and operator and Wrenbridge Sport, a UK sport and stadia developer and consultant.

Learn about Palmer Capital’s on-going commitment with these companies below.

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