Some clients prefer the ability to retain control of the key investment decisions within their portfolio and therefore opt for a segregated account approach allowing them to be involved in the development of the portfolio generally.

Palmer Capital recognises that certain clients prefer this type of arrangement and the company is happy to adopt flexible working arrangements that dovetail with the client approval process. Whether it is working with domestic or international capital Palmer Capital sees segregated account clients as just another form of partnership and seeks to position itself as effectively an extension of the clients own team.

Palmer Land Opportunity Trust

The fund was launched in 2012, with £22 million of equity invested from a UK pension fund. The trust acquired land that was unconsented for residential, obtained planning and sold the land and house building companies. The trust is fully invested and starting to return capital.

Sharia Compliant Mandate

To date we have committed in excess of £115 million equity for core plus investments into commercial property. There is currently strong appetite for further investment into UK real estate for Middle Eastern clients, focused on real estate particularly with long leases and fixed uplifts where an attractive risk adjusted income return can be achieved.


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