Ed Ellerington of Packaged Living joined a panel of experts to discuss communities and build-to-rent development.

Panel members included industry heavyweights such as Philip Laney, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Lyvly, Jonathan Ivory, Managing Director of Atlas Residential and Andrew Stanford, Head of Residential for LaSalle Investment Management.

The panel was posed questions on the subject of build-to-rent development, what makes a successful community and how the industry can deliver it.

Responding to the question, ‘what role do amenities play?’, Ed commented:

“We want to go to the best local coffee shop and give them free space in our building, or invite the local off-licence to come in and do wine tasting on a Thursday night. We’re not trying to build a swimming pool, because that’s not what we do best. From our point of view, it would be much better to give residents free access to the local pool. Otherwise you end up as an independent block where you are almost keeping people hostage to using your facilities. If you can integrate into the local area, that’s true community.”

Taken from an article by Helen Crane for Property Week. First published October 2018. For the full article, click here.

Packaged Living is a bespoke build-to-rent developer and operator founded by Ed Ellerington and Palmer Capital. Established earlier this year, Packaged Living have an ambitious aim of delivering 1,500 units over the next three years and have already started work on their first scheme, Aubrey Place in Milton Keynes. For more information about Packaged Living, visit their website