Osborne Clarke have signed up for the LandAid Money Maker Challenge again this year, which is run by Palmer Capital. Their event was such a success from the year prior that they have decided to host another walking event. Last year, in teams, they collectively walked 120 miles over 5 days, from Finzels Reach, Bristol to Bromley by Bow, London. This year they have upped the mileage and will be walking a total of 183 miles around the London Loop.

Palmer Capital and Cubex will also be joining Osborne Clarke during some of the legs during the challenge. So far they have 25 volunteers to take part, but still have plenty of room for any extras, and so if you’re interested in taking part please email William Pullen at Osborne Clarke. To donate for Osborne Clarke’s efforts, please see their fundraising page here.

The LandAid Money Maker Challenge is something that Palmer Capital have run for the last few years, whereby teams sign up and are given £250 to turn into as much money as possible. Last year the challenge raised over £24,000 for LandAid and we are hoping to increase that again this year. If you would like to get involved and enter a team, please get in contact with Beth Coakley.