Palmer Capital recognises that real estate is an imperfect market, where local knowledge coupled with central governance delivers better investment decisions. The success of this model, for Palmer Capital and its clients, has been delivered through a combination of the following:

Long term investment approach

We believe that through long term equity ownership of our operating partners and a long term view on real estate fundamentals, we have achieved a model that delivers the right assets and managers, with commitment by all parties regardless of market conditions.

An entrepreneurial but controlled environment

Our operating partners are carefully selected to be part of our network. As well as seeking to partner with entrepreneurial and creative mind-sets, we also seek determination, proven success and integrity from our partners. To access capital, this outstanding talent is harnessed within a well-regulated and risk managed environment provided by Palmer Capital.

Aligned and transparent structures

Whether via a fund, joint venture or segregated account, we work with our investor partners in an open and transparent manner believing that this delivers a better long term working relationship with our clients. Fees and risks are aligned to ensure that the outcome for the operating partners, Palmer Capital, and the investors are similar. As a testament to this approach our first investor when we launched our investment management business still remains an investor with us today.

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